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1.a small shop selling fashionable clothes or accessories.
2.a business serving a sophisticated or specialized clientele.
"California's boutique wineries"
Origin - mid 18th century: from French, ‘small shop’, via Latin from Greek apothēkē ‘storehouse’. Compare with bodega.

As an independent estate agent with just one office it isn’t always easy competing with multi office agents.  We know that whilst we are just the one office, with the internet it really isn’t a disadvantage.  All properties are displayed worldwide and attract the same amount of interest.  What is important is service and we know we are second to none in knowing the Brentford market and really all things Brentford.  We are Brentford’s oldest established agent and most of us live in Brentford and care about Brentford. 

Call into our newly refurbished office for a coffee and a chat and find out just what makes us boutique.

The lovely Joanna has joined Quilliam and will be looking after our Lettings Department.  Joanna lives in Brentford and already has a wonderful understanding of Brentford.  Joanna is brilliant on computers and is showing the rest of us what to do.

We keep getting asked about Katie, who was our Saturday person for eight years.  Katie’s dream was, since being a young girl, to become a primary school teacher.  We were delighted when Katie passed her degree and started her dream vocation.  Katie was much loved by us all and pops in regularly.

On the lookout for a new Saturday person, we came across the bubbly Cleopatra.  Again, a local girl Cleopatra has fallen in with the rest of us and brings a little bit of something special on a Saturday morning.  Cleopatra is here to help all of us and includes watering the plants and making lots of tea and coffee.

Well we decided to bite the bullet and go cloud.  Our new property software is a wonderful estate agency package which is cloud based so nothing can be lost!!! 

A benefit of this new system is a fantastic system called ‘My Property File’ where clients, landlords and sellers along with tenants can log into their records to see how everything is going from viewings and feedback to maintenance issues and rent payments.

Should you wish to find out more just give us a call or call in for a coffee and chat.

All we ask is for you to bear with us just a little whilst we get properly familiarised.

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Quilliam Property Services opened in 1999 as an independent family run estate agent and a leading property finder for Brentford and surrounding areas. Located on the High Street in the heart of Brentford.